Before planning a trek in Nepal, we suggest you to first prepare yourself on where you want to trek and try to get more information about the place, weather, season as well as explore the itinerary in length and level that suits to your health and fitness requirements.

In addition, you should make a decision on either to trek alone or take assistance from professionally trekking company. Even in Nepal, you can trek alone in a regular trail, but it is not consider as safe. No one can predict unforeseen circumstances, hence it would be better to take assistance of some professional companies to organize a trip. Most of the accidents and missing of trekkers while trekking in Nepal is reported as attempting trekking along without any local professional support. We know that everyone is in different budget for trekking. Hence, you can try to take a minimum services or packages that suits your budget. Option could be taking full services package to your trekking in Nepal or could only take assistance of permit, flight (if required any), hiring guide or porter only.

If you are planning to take support from professional to organize a trip for you, start exploring the companies that offer you the trek package to basic assistance. You will find international and local company that looks like offering the similar types of packages but obviously cost of international companies are much more expensive then locals. Joining a local company means, you are supporting to the country and its peoples; economy so we advise you to join local company while you are trekking in Nepal. You could find reference of trekking companies from its umbrella organization called, TAAN (Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal).

Similarly, make sure that the company you have chosen is fully registered and licensed as well as consider whether they have best and experience guide and support team for your trekking.

Additionally, to trek in Nepal, it is mandatory to have a travel insurance policy. While selecting policy, make sure that it should cover your medical expenses, helicopter evacuation as well as trip cancellations. You can ask your travel company for suggestion in choosing the right policy.

Moreover, after finalizing your trek, make a check list of trekking gears. Also, once you arrive in Kathmandu, you can get all the necessary gears at Outlets in Thamel. You can buy an important gears as well as hire paying certain charges.

While in Trek, your safety is most important things. Hence, it is advisable to follow the trekking rules including walking in the side of uphill, taking water as much as possible to avoid dehydration, follow local trails and son on. Meantime, it would be better to avoid alcohol and tobacco during trek in high altitude. Never use sleeping pills during trek as well as if you cannot quit cigarettes, you can take a Nicotine patch that will keep relief.

Likewise, your small activities could invite accidents. Hence, we suggest to follow the locals, and guide. Sometime, you might love to swim in the river on the way. Note that the rivers and any other exciting places of Nepal could be dangerous as well as unpredictable to worsen the matter. Hence, never dive in the river despite if you being a good swimmer. You can retrace your interest after trek taking part in some more adventures activities run for fun.

Don’t get afraid or nervous in a simple headache. Just let your guide know about the problem. Normally, the local dweller of Himalayas use garlic and ginger to avoid any altitude sickness. You can also put ginger in mouth. It will better keep you away from such illness.

With proper communication among the guide and local, you can know more about the culture, tradition as well as complete your journey safely with full of fun and wonderful memories.