Nepal is the country having unique and diverse living history and culture. It carries the history of thousands of years. Here, multi-religious, multi-cultural ethnic groups are settled down who enthusiastically celebrates different festivals and occasions. Festivals Tours in Nepal is a perfect way of experiencing the rich cultural essence.

Every day in a year is special for the Nepalese and it is said that within 365 days a year, there are 366 festivals that are celebrated by the people living in different part of Nepal. The festivals can be categorized as national cultural heritage to local cultural heritage and the festivals are celebrated based on Vedic Lunar Calendar (except National festivals). The festivals are the interesting ways to understand the diverse culture and customs of Nepalese people. The way of celebrating festivals are different in the different community.

We, the team of Himal Tourism, organizes fixed departure for the festival trip that is celebrated by the different cultural group from the different part of Nepal. Any interested group is warmly welcome to take part in festivals trip experiencing the cultural lifestyle. .

Tiji Festival Upper Mustang

TIJI FESTIVAL UPPER MUSTANG Mustang is one of the most fascinating regions of Nepal boarding with Tibet, inhabited mainly of Tibetan origin. Due to its sensitivity, the
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