Today, Tourism is the fastest growing industry that involves travelling of people experiencing different culture, society, people and places. It is a responsibility of travellers not to have adverse effect to the place encounters, giving possible appreciation following the code of conduct of responsible tourism.

Hiking Nepal Travel is truly an eco-friendly organization which is opened with a motive to serve a hospitable and overwhelming environment to the guest. The owe-inspiring landscape of Nepal occupies a space for verities of cultural group. The welcoming nature and culture settled as per the environment is really appreciative. Hence, we are here to provide you a real taste of Nepalese community, culture, society, and people. It is our responsibility to provide a way of living to the local community minimizing the negative impacts of tourism on environment. While choosing a destination for travel, we emphasize on environmentally friendly lodges that cares the needs of their staffs. We believe in take photo, leave only footprints. Today’s society is because of our ancestors, hence it is our foremost responsibility to preserve, conserve the fragile environment and indigenous culture with motive of safeguarding it for future. We enthusiastically support, organize and participate in sanitation and plantation program.

Our Guides, Porters, Cooks, Sherpas and other members are the backbone of the organization. They are the real representative of our company and responsible for providing quality service to the guest. Hence, we place their welfare in a topmost priority. We never compromise in providing insurance coverage, fair salary, rescue evacuation and proper outdoor gears that makes them happy leading towards a quality services to the guest. Even, for lifting a load by porter, we comply with the International Porter Protection Guidelines. Our staffs and guides are employed from the local community who helps in ensuring a more authentic experience for travellers, as well as sensitivity to local customs and culture.

You travel here to experience culture, people, society and environment. Hence, your satisfaction is our goal. It is our responsibility to serve you with best services and make your trip a memorable one of your lifetime.